11 March 2012

Let's Make Everything FREE!

The Free World Charter is a set of principles that have the potential to optimise life on Earth for all species, eradicate human poverty and greed, and advance progress exponentially. Neither political nor religious, the ten short principles of the Charter could form the foundation of a new, advanced society that uses no money, is free, fair and sustainable. They are based solely on common sense, nature and survival.
This is our world, and we can solve many of our problems today and have a better society, by following just a few simple rules of Nature. The only part that needs managing is how we get there from here and that might be turbulent for some of us.

1. The highest concern of humanity is the combined common good of all living species and biosphere.
2. Life is precious in all its forms, and free to flourish in the combined common good.
3. Earth's natural resources are the birthright of all its inhabitants, and free to share in the combined common good.
4. Every human being is an equal part of a worldwide community of humans, and a free citizen of Earth.
5. Our community is founded on the spirit of cooperation and an understanding of nature, provided through basic education.
6. Our community provides for all its members the necessities of a healthy, fulfilling and sustainable life, freely and without obligation.
7. Our community respects the limits of nature and its resources, ensuring minimal consumption and waste.
8. Our community derives its solutions and advances progress primarily through the application of logic and best available knowledge.
9. Our community acknowledges its duty of care and compassion for members who are unable to contribute.
10. Our community acknowledges its responsibility to maintain a diverse and sustainable biosphere for all future life to enjoy.

Earth Council Embassy Trust

Earth Council Embassy Trust (ECET) is aligned with the Aboriginal Elders of Australia, the Pachamama Alliance (Ecuador), Earth Charter (Global), Occupy Movement (Global), The Arab Spring and Indigenous Elders of all countries who still live respectfully with the earth. We support all genuine democracy movements.
Help build momentum for the earth-wide unified, simultaneous and focused call for peace on december 21.
Direct Democracy is at the heart of EC2012 blueprint for peace. No longer will the people allow a select few, to make decisions for us that affect everyone (and the Earth). With Direct Democracy, council members no longer represent us, but are delegated to administer (en action), the will of the people, as reflected in the voting results. We will no longer allow a few to make war in our names. In Direct Democracy everyone gets the opportunity to vote on every issue, therefore, the people become the policy makers.
We have the technology to make a secure voting system (which a multinational IT team monitors to ensure its security), and at a fraction of the cost of the current military budget. Currently, huge money transactions are made via the Internet, and there is no reason why we cannot have a secure voting system with the technology we currently use.

Global Coherence Initiative

This new, five and half-minute video clearly explains the purpose of the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI), the research behind it, the Global Coherence Monitoring System, Global Care Rooms and how to become a member and participate in this global initiative. Find out ‘What are you feeding the field today?’ means and how you can affect the global field environment.

Website:  Global Coherence Initiative

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