9 March 2014

Kin's Domain Village Rodnoe & Slavnoye

Recently in Russia there has been an increase in the number of people who prefer life in nature to the hustle and bustle of the city, and have moved to Eco-villages…and are creating 'Kin's domains'. They have given up the use of fertilizers, heavy agricultural machines, and grow all their food themselves.
Eco-village Rodnoe has approximately 100 plots of land, each of which measures no less than one hectare. Families organize their plots in their own way, and say that their domain has the personality of its owner.
Who are they? People who leave their successful and relatively quiet life in modern cities and go to rural areas to set up a hectare of land - their Kin's domain? What drives them? Are they happy about the change? How do they deal with the land and growing plants? How does one build an adobe house?

Winter comes to Kin's domains village 'Rodnoe'. The land is covered with snow. It's time for renewal and contemplation of what has been created during the summer time. How do the villagers survive the winter? What do they actually do in winter? How to create a true Space of Love and to live in harmony with Nature, animals and all other of God's creations?

The story about the Russian Kin's domains ecovillages continues! More than 150 families have found their home on the beautyful fields of the Kin's domain ecovillage Slavnoye. Each of them has their own story, their own path, but all of them have the same goal – develop their plot to create a Kin’s domain.

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