30 December 2013

15 December 2013

Stuart Wilde: The Law Of Attraction

Stuart Wilde is an author, lecturer, and one of the real characters of the self-help/human-potential movement. He has written 15 books, including the very successful Taos Quintet, which are considered classics in their genre. In his latest release, God's Gladiators, Wilde challenges us like never before. He has also had a big effect on the movement for greater awareness. Over a period of twenty years, he came to be known as 'the teacher's teacher' because of the influence he has had on other writers and lecturers in the field.

8 December 2013

Steve's Dome Home

On a large organic mango farm, far into the countryside of northeastern Thailand, I have designed and built my little dome home. Enjoy the tour!

Website: Steve Areen