29 November 2012

Food Myth Busters: Feed The World

How can we feed the world - today and tomorrow?

The biggest players in the food industry - from pesticide pushers to fertilizer makers to food processors and manufacturers - spend billions of dollars every year not selling food, but selling the idea that we need their products to feed the world. But, do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world? Can sustainably grown food deliver the quantity and quality we need - today and in the future? Our first Food MythBusters film takes on these questions in under seven minutes. So next time you hear them, you can too.

28 November 2012

Here Comes The Sun

The sun could easily provide the planet with sufficient energy, if only we are willing to change and to invest in harvesting that solar energy...

26 November 2012

Claude Lewenz: Village Towns

In five minutes, Claude Lewenz covers the core elements of a Village Town and invites the viewer to become involved. Claude Lewenz is author of "Life Liberty Happiness" and "How to Build a VillageTown (second edition, slightly renamed). A Village Town is a 10,000 population town made up of 20 villages. Within there are no cars, it has its own local economy, and its purpose is to enable its citizens to enjoy a good life, understood as the social pursuits of conviviality, citizenship, artistic, intellectual & spiritual growth.

25 November 2012

Herbalism Basics

This is a series of 6 YouTube videos explaining the basic principals of making various herbal preperations.

Video 1: Infusion

Video 2: Decoction

Video 3: Tincture

Video 4: Infused oil

Video 5: Ointment

Video 6: Cream

24 November 2012

Julia Butterfly Hill

Adventures In Treesitting

This award-winning documentary reveals the extraordinary journey of a woman who lived 200 feet up in a redwood tree for two years to save the thousand year-old tree from destruction.

Part 2
Part 3

Nearly four years ago, Julia Butterfly Hill sent an international message through her silent protest, living 738 days in the branches of “Luna”, a 1,000 year old Redwood Tree. From 20 stories high, she witnessed first hand the devastation of “clear cutting”, a method of cutting down these ancient trees. In this video, Julia offers a profound message about viewing the world as a whole, overcoming separation and expanding our consciousness.

Environmental & social justice activist Julia Butterfly Hill shows how our belief that we are separate from the whole has created a disposability consciousness. "I know in my heart that as long as trashing the planet and trashing each other, a healthy, holistic and healed world is not possible. We can not have peace ON the earth unless we also have peace WITH the earth. Our disposability consciousness is a weapon of mass destruction." She is referring to how we mindlessly buy a cup of coffee - or anything - in disposable packaging. And where is "away" when we throw it away? It's all right here, isn't it? What a monumental disconnect we have come to accept! She speaks of reclaiming every step of life as a step toward consciousness, and a step toward healing!

Reel Change Films captured an amazing and inspiring talk by Julia Butterfly Hill, the 2010 keynote speaker at the Midwest Yoga conference sponsored by Johnny Kest's Center for Yoga of Michigan. Julia is best known for having saved a group of redwoods from destruction by the northern California logging industry by spending over 2 years on a 4x6' platform 200 feet above ground. Her story is amazing, but her commitment to practicing what she preaches is even more impressive. This talk blew away everyone in the room. I felt privileged to be there. It's well worth sitting through all 6 segments. This is part of a series of interviews conducted by Jason Scholder of Reel Change Films from Asheville, NC, comprising an ongoing, on-line spiritual documentary project entitled Walking the Path.

Divine Mirrors    


Part 2: Gift Of Breath
Part 3: Ancestors To The Future  
Part 4: Power Of Love 
Part 5: Manifesting Heaven On Earth
Part 6: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice... Rethink!

21 November 2012

Meditation Helps

In the 2002-2003 school year, there were 41 murders in the neighborhood of Visitacion Valley Middle School. Young students were playing "cops and robbers" with real guns, and many suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2007, the principal instituted a program called "Quiet Time" to teach meditation to every student in the school, with dramatic results. Truancy rate fell by more than 7 percent (while the average for the State rose to 30 percent) and suspensions fell by more than 50 percent. Twelve minutes at the beginning and twelve minutes at the end of school day have given these children a coping mechanism to deal with the many stresses of poverty and violence in their lives.

20 November 2012

Karma Kitchen

What would you do if the next time you ask for your bill after dining out and your server says "There is no charge, your meal was paid for by the person who came before you?" Yep, that's right, there is nothing, zip, zilch -- on your bill. You literally see "$0.00."
In a world and society where we're taught: "If it's too good to be true, it's NOT." It's hard to believe. In this case, you have to feel it, experience it -- to believe it.

19 November 2012

One World, One Heart Beating

An anthem to global unity sung and played entirely by children (with a video created by a 9-year old), "One World, One Heart Beating" is the creation of singer songwriter Oona McOuat to raise funds for children affected by war.

16 November 2012

We Societies

Thom Hartmann describes a society based on cooperation and the idea that we're all in this together.

15 November 2012

Joe Dispenza: Your Immortal Brain

Mastering the Art of Observation.

Over the past decade, Dr. Dispenza has lectured in 24 different countries on six continents educating people about the role and function of the human brain. He has taught thousands of people how to re-program their thinking through scientifically proven neuro-physiologic principles. As a result, this information has taught many individuals to reach their specific goals and visions by eliminating self-destructive habits. His approach, taught in a very simple method, creates a bridge between true human potential and the latest scientific theories of neuroplasticity.  He explains how thinking in new ways, as well as changing beliefs, can literally rewire one’s brain. The premise of his work is founded in his total conviction that every person on this planet has within them, the latent potential of greatness and true unlimited abilities.

14 November 2012

The Power Of Words

This short film illustrates the power of words to radically effect change. Discover the power of transforming your own words in Andrea Gardner's book 'Change Your Words, Change Your World'.

13 November 2012

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception To Birth

Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond.

12 November 2012

Permaculture Course

You can solve the worlds problems in a garden!

How to survive the coming crises with permaculture

An video by Geoff Lawton, world renowned permaculture teacher, designer and consultant.

10 November 2012

Terence McKenna

Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000) was an American ethnobotanist, philosopher, psychonaut, researcher, teacher, lecturer and writer on many subjects, such as human consciousness, language, psychedelic substances, the evolution of civilizations, the origin and end of the universe, alchemy, and extraterrestrial beings.

The Evolution of Reality

Evolving Times

Final Earthbound Interview

Terence McKenna and Gregory Stock speak about the epic transition we face in the very near future called the Singularity.
This shift will be the result of the inevitable culmination of infinite technological progress and the emergence of completely new states of connectedness. Once the Singularity happens, infinite growth is reached. Within a very short amount of time (as a result of this exponential growth), we will take our first steps towards a new age as an entirely new entity.
We will then go on to saturate the entire physical universe with our newly born super-intelligence, or we will gain the ability to actually leave the 3-Dimensional universe and move to higher (or simply other) states of being.

Time is being compressed. "We are living through, in a 67-year period that stretches from 1945-2012, a compressed version of a larger historical epoch 4,306 years long that also ends in 2012." We are learning faster and we are gathering more experience in shorter bursts of time.

9 November 2012

Cob House Building

Margaret Krome-Lukens shows us the cob home being built by interns at North Carolina's Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute. Since her new home is less than 150 square feet, she talks about the joy of giving up stuff to move in.

Cob House Building in Northern Spain.

What if I told you that you could build your very own beautiful home with the resources right beneath your feet, on a budget of a few thousand dollars, and never have to live with a mortgage?
Use the earth that God has given us to build our homes.

8 November 2012


Hugelkultur is raised garden beds that reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation and fertilizer.

This video shows the why and how of this type of raised garden bed. Hugelkultur can be built by hand or with machinery; urban lots or large acreage farms. The focal point of this video is a project in Dayton, Montana where Sepp Holzer installed nearly a kilometer of hugelkultur beds in early May of 2012. Then the video shows the results in mid September.
Michael Billington is currently the land manager there. He explains how the beds have not been irrigated and goes into some detail of the qualities of the food from the different aspects of the hugelkultur: the north side tends to be sweeter and the south side tends to have more bite (lettuces tend to be more bitter and mustards tend to be hotter).

Learn more: Raised Garden Beds

6 November 2012

Communal Living With Nikki Silva

Visiting La Selva, the communal home that Nikki and eight others have built for themselves in over thirty years of hard toiling work (in Santa Cruz, California).
While Nikki attests that there was no intention of building a commune per se, it is very much a communal living situation. They are all partners in the shares of a single plot of land, and each partner or couple has a housing space within the whole compound based on their share. On the property, there are four separate houses, a large barn, a storage shed and an art studio. There is also a main house that has the kitchen, living room, and bathhouse (I didn’t pry). In total, eight unique yet cohesive structures share the property of gardens, fields, and forest, overlooking farmland and the pacific ocean. For those living at La Selva, they eat dinner together every night, take weekly turns with the meal preparation and cleaning of the kitchen, and share in a remarkable sense of togetherness that is much like that of a family.

5 November 2012

Fantastic Fungi

An excerpt from the feature documentary by Louie Schwartzberg following notable mycologist, Paul Stamets, as he discusses the important role mushrooms play in the survival and health of the earth and human species.

4 November 2012

Choice Point: Align Your Purpose

“Be The Change You Want To See In The World”

Choice Point is a feature-length documentary film which probes the issues of transformational change and how when one person transforms his or her own life, that person can contribute in a positive way to the shaping of the world.

“How does one make lasting positive changes?”

The film answers this most important of questions by weaving together inspirational personal stories by public figures, from sports stars to statesmen to businesspeople, with discussions by a range of experts, from scientists to philosophers, about the dynamics of change.

3 November 2012

David Icke: Remember Who You Are

Wembley Arena, London, October 2012

'Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.'

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4