29 January 2014


"It was good for the skin to touch the bare Earth, and the old people liked to remove their moccasins and walk with their bare feet on the sacred Earth. The soil was soothing, strengthening, cleansing and healing"
~ Luther Standing Bear ~ Sioux Tribal Leader - 1868-1939

From a world older and more complete, a nomadic arctic animal, the wolverine, and all such creatures, help a man on a lifelong quest in a journey to explore life's profound mysteries. From ancient times, nature revealed an interconnected life force to humans, in the form of rhythms and patterns.
This is a true story of actual events unfolded over thirteen months, which changed this man's life. Could it happen to you?

15 January 2014

Lizzie Velasquez: How Do You Define Yourself

In a time when beauty is defined by supermodels, success is defined by wealth, and fame is deified by how many followers you have on social media, Lizzie Velasquez asks the question how do you define yourself? Once labeled, "The Worlds Ugliest Woman," Lizzie decided to turn things around and create her own definitions of what she defines as beauty and happiness.

14 January 2014

Sam Berns: 3 Secrets To Happiness

About three months before he passed away, 17-year-old Sam Berns gave this speech explaining his dislike for obstacles and his strategies for beating them. When he was 2 years old, Sam was diagnosed with the rare disease progeria, which causes rapid aging and various other side effects, none of which could prevent Sam from leading a happy life.

9 January 2014

Mick Dodge: Surviving In The Forest

Talk about living off the grid. About 25 years ago, Mick Dodge shed his shoes, grew his beard, and left modern civilization (and a family) to live alone in the Pacific Northwest’s Hoh rain forest. But he’s not a total isolationist; he’s dialed into a community of mountain dwellers and agreed (although it took convincing) to be the subject of National Geographic Channel’s series 'The Legend of Mick Dodge'.

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