28 March 2012

Death By Doctor

Dr. Peter Glidden talks about the third leading cause of death in the U.S., which is death by medical doctor prescribed medicines.
Few health professionals actually understand disease – how to prevent it and how to cure it. Dr. Glidden has been in the trenches of medicine for 23 years, witnessing first hand the decline of American health. He is one of the very few to realize the sobering truths that MD directed medicine consistently fails to cure disease, and that it causes massive amounts of harm in the process. Furthermore, he understands that people around the world who continue to hold onto their cultural home remedies live longer and healthier than those that buy into modern medical methods! In America, Hispanics outlive whites by 2.5 years and blacks by 8 years – and it has nothing to do with genetics! Few physicians understand how and why this happens. Few physicians have hands-on experience delivering non-drug treatments that actually help people to recover their health.

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