31 August 2011

Dr Hew Len: Ho'o Pono Pono

Interview of Dr Hew Len with Rita Montgomery and Dr Rick Moss. Data is what is running us. It is at the root of what we experience. Change that within yourself and the outer world changes. Most of the time we are using dead information

Part 2
What is the source of enlightenment? What is free will? If I'm not at peace, you can't be at peace. My only purpose for being on this planet is to let go of the garbage in order to be free.

Part 3
How does the healing happen? It happens within me, my inner child and it's not a mental engagement. Our programs go back to the beginning of existence. I'm not here to heal others, I'm here to work on myself. When you are at zero, you see God in everything. Working with criminally insane.

Part 4
What is happening in me that I am experiencing you in this way? The problems that we experience are within ourselves and the tragedy is that we don't know that.
There is no such thing as intention. My job is to appeal to divinity to delete data, it is divinities job to actually delete it.

Part 5
Cut aka cords to give freedom to those you love, give up all memories to experience them as God. More people around the world are willing to do the cleaning. Promotion is manipulation.

Part 6
No such thing as an inanimate object, everything has a subconscious. Can talk with camera, chair, nails, all things have those three selves. Angelic kingdom helping..

Part 7
Regarding women's hatred of men... menopause is rage towards men that could be cleaned. We have an addiction to engaging in stories. We need to just let go. Who am I? An exact copy of source. Each person has a unique purpose that only they can fulfill.

Part 8
If Hew Lens team do the cleaning at the workshop, then people get their information directly from source rather than from him. If you are at Zero you get your own info and let others get their own info directly. If we clean, everything gets what it needs, the room, building, city etc. At Zero you fall in love with yourself. There is no one program for all people.

Part 9
Dr Hew Len does cleaning all the time because he wants to get back to his original state, purity of heart. If you don't know who you are, you can't get home. Has come to realize that this life is a gift to make amends. Has at times the experience of perfect love with no attachments.

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