15 May 2012

Maurice Béjart

Maurice Béjart (1927-2007) made his debut, first as a dancer and then as a choreographer, in Paris. In 1960, he formed his own company, the Ballet du XXe Siècle, in Brussels (Belgium). 25 years later, the troupe relocated to Lausanne (Switzerland) to be renamed Béjart Ballet Lausanne. Maurice Béjart puts down roots wherever his work takes him.
His first great triumph came in 1959, when Béjart created his monumental Sacre du Printemps for Maurice Huisman, the new director of Théatre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels. This ballet paved the way for the launch of Ballet du XXe siècle in 1960, which triumphed on numerous worldwide tours. The Sacre Du Printemps was followed by his most famous work to this day, Ravel’s Bolero, and later by Messe Pour Le Temps Présent and The Firebird. Developing a marked taste for cultural diversity, Béjart went on to create works that expressed the core of different civilizations in the form of dance (Bhakti, Golestan, Kabuki, Dibouk, Pyramide) and illustrated a rich musical repertoire extending from Wagner to Boulez.

Bolero - Maurice Ravel

Le Sacre Du Printemps - Igor Stravinsky


Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune - Claude Debussy

Part 2

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