28 April 2012

Repurposing Plastic Beach Debris

Along the surf line of a seemingly pristine beach on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera, fashion designer Barbara de Vries spotted some pretty specks of color, which turned out to be pieces of discarded plastic. And so, what started out as a vacation turned into a new career - raising awareness about plastic debris through art. De Vries marvels at the poetic justice of picking up plastic on a beach, taking ownership of the problem, repurposing the plastic into high fashion jewelry, and having it sold back right on the same beach.

One Beach

Why do we love the beach? "Maybe we love the beach because we carry the sea within us, a heart full of ocean pumping a rhythm, a rhythm, a rhythm..." But our beaches are currently filled with plastic debris, littered or washed up from across the sea. This film highlights the work of five individuals and organizations that are caring for their ONE beach with creative solutions. Their message? Take ownership of this plastic. And while you are at it, pick it up and do something creative with it.

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