17 November 2011


A documentary film reflecting the real actions of the readers of Ringing Cedar books by Vladimir Megre.

We know that the environment around us is becoming catastrophically worse, and there's nothing we can do about it... The thing that stimulated these inspired people towards positive transformation was a book by a Russian writer Vladimir Megre. We understood that we could live differently. That we could choose a different destiny.
The idea of the Ancestral Home is resonating with more and more people each year. The book's readers have created more than two hundred settlements and their number continues to increase every year.
The settlers are from different social classes, have different religions, and are of different ages. They are analysts, scientists, and students. It is not that they are running from the cities, but having settled down in an Ancestral Home, they are making their contribution to the country's development.
We believe in a better future for our children, for our native land. Two key things connect us: our dream and our love. We have made our choice. We live in harmony with each other and with nature.

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