23 May 2011

Top Lit Updraft Wood Cook Stove

Ken Miller, tin-can-ologist, shows off his top lit updraft stove. Made from a one gallon paint can and a couple of tin cans, he used a tiny amount of wood to boil some water.
You light the fire on top of the fuel and then put your heat riser on top. Smokeless.
Better than a rocket stove in that it is easier to save your fuel. And you don't have to keep feeding in the wood.
This is an example of a bio-char stove. It works by burning only the volatile gases from the wood, and turning the cellulose parts of the wood into bio-char (charcoal). This is great for the environment, because you produce quite low amounts of CO2; and great for farms, because you can crush the leftover biochar and add it to soil to make huge improvements in soil productivity.

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