28 April 2011

TreeStory: How One Tree Can Change Your Life

TreeStory is an innovative film with an ambitious plan to reconnect people to nature. Using a timeless form of activism: story-telling, it will explore the dramatic changes that can happen to people thanks to an experience with one important tree in their life.

Inspired by the felling of her favorite childhood tree, an African woman single-handedly creates a project to plant a billion trees worldwide.

A heroin addict overcomes a lifetime addiction and tells us it is because of a tree.

Humans need trees - whether we realize it or not, and TreeStory aims to fundamentally alter how we relate to them. Moving beyond seeing trees as resources, TreeStory will pose the question, what is a tree and what does it have to do with me? TreeStory is a film of heroic stories from around the world that will inspire activism by making it personal.

Everyone has a TreeStory

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