24 May 2013

New Earth Destiny

An Anastasia inspired grassroots documentary film by Mikael King & Igor Revenko.
As ocean waters continue to rise, natural resources continue to dry up, GMO seed issues continue to distract, and the technocratic ego-mind based world continues to crumble; millions of awakening humans are now co-creating empowered spaces of love as the sole answer to the world's problems. Be inspired by the ringing cedar ecovillage movement which started in Russia and is now expanding into all countries throughout the globe. Follow film co-creators Mikael King & Igor Revenko on a synchronized journey into the heart of Russia where they discover ecovillage Kin Domains, Siberia ringing cedar trees, ancient Black Sea dolmen pyramids, and culminate the incredible journey with a week long immersion into the awe-inspiring lyceum children's school.

Read the books: Ringing Cedars Series

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