11 May 2013

Geoff Lawton: Permaculture Pioneer & Designer

Food forests are at the heart of Permaculture and fast becoming a hot topic in many areas of debate as people realise the their full potential. Let's face it, with our all consuming global problems, there aren't many natural solutions out there that can halt & reverse deforestation, stabilise the climate by returning carbon to the soil where it belongs, solve poverty & extreme hunger all in one hit are there?
Yet this is exactly what the food forest is capable of, and provided people understand it and are at the centre of the system, they can go on living off that land forever. Here is a video of Geoff Lawton showing a series of food forests that have been planted at Zaytuna farm over successive years.

Survival Food Forest With Chickens

Urban Permaculture

Many of you have been asking what Permaculture can do for you in the small Urban space? Well, one of my students, Angelo, has transformed his tiny Melbourne backyard into an amazing productive garden and documented every detail over the last 4 years. Find out how much food you could grow in the Micro space when you apply Permaculture design creatively. You will be amazed.

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