31 May 2013

Dr. Dean: Transcendental Meditation In Education

The alarming rise of classroom stress fuels widespread problems in education, including poor academic achievement, anxiety, depression, school violence, and teacher burnout. To help neutralize this stress, many schools are establishing a “Quiet Time” period at the start and end of each school day, two 10 to 15 minute sessions when students sit quietly to rest and/or read silently. Increasingly, schools are offering their students and teachers the opportunity to learn and practice during these Quiet-Time periods the Transcendental Meditation program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a simple, scientifically proven, nonreligious technique for reducing stress, improving health, and developing an individual’s full creative potential. Extensive published research in education has shown that this program strengthens physiological and cognitive foundations of learning, while promoting healthy lifestyle choices and positive behavior.

Website: Stress Free Schools


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