2 March 2013

Leonard Orr: Immortality

Leonard Orr is an author and longevity researcher who claims to have met 'immortal' yogis in India who were currently 300, 800, and up to 2,000 years old. He says the thing they all had in common was an intimate relationship with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in their daily lives. For instance they all bathed twice a day and drank plenty of pure water to maintain the balance of water in the body. They were all vegetarians eating simple mostly raw food diets and spent time "grounding" to balance their earth energy. They all practiced pranayama deep breathing and regular fasting for air purification. And they all performed sun or fire gazing and yogic exercise to vitalize their fire energy.

Leonard Orr:
'After teaching the truth about physical immortality for over 30 years, I’ve concluded that the reason people don’t like to know about it is because it involves a little spiritual work and personal changes. Physical immortality is the natural result of a mind filled with wisdom and aliveness.

The three basic causes of death are:
1. Ignorance
2. Emotional energy pollution
3. Poor diet.

Therefore, to master death you have to do three things:

1. Master the idea of physical immortality, which involves living from Spirit, our natural divinity.
2. Unravel our own death urge, which we received from our parents and encourage all the people in our environment to do the same. Learn how to keep our energy body & emotional mind clean and balanced through spiritual purification practices.
3. Learn the power of nutrition and fasting and the other simple and pleasurable habits that give us body mastery. Becoming a vegetarian is basic!

Mastering spiritual practices is less difficult than living a miserable life that leads to the grave. In fact, true spiritual practices are the ultimate pleasures and enrich all the pleasures of living. As I studied the lives of my immortal yogi friends, I began to realize that becoming an immortal yogi is not difficult; it just takes a different focus. People die because they kill themselves.

Is physical immortality realistic? Yes, if we honor the following. The three basic secrets to physical immortality are:

1. To stay tuned into God - Infinite Energy, our Source - all the time. Have pure thoughts and Life.
2. To heal the death urge. Healing the death urge can take us through the most ugly emotions of suicidal and homicidal thoughts - we have to survive the illusions in our own mind and go for wisdom and bliss.
3. To keep our energy body clean and balanced with the simple and pleasurable spiritual purification practices with mind, earth, air, water, fire, and love.

When we eat food we have to clean the dishes, etc. When our home gets dirty, we have to clean it. We also have to wash our clothes. When our energy body (also called emotional body) gets dirty through absorbing emotional energy pollution as we participate with people or in our self-healing process, we have to clean ourselves emotionally and spiritually. It is a daily process. Spiritual cleanliness is Energy and Peace.

If we stay ahead of the pollution - cleansing process, we become more alive every day. If we lose the spiritual purification game, we become more dead every day. Victory or victim? Energy becomes what it thinks about. Your personal energy is the Eternal Spirit - God Within - your natural divinity. This Infinite Eternal Energy is helpless and powerless without thought and yet it is the power of thought. Your unlimited potential is only potential until it has been activated and directed by your thoughts. Energy is directed by thought.
Infinite Power directed by thoughts of weakness can produce infinite weakness. Infinite power directed by wholesome and healthy thoughts produce infinite wholesomeness, health, and safety - beyond safety - peace and pleasure. Thoughts of death produce death. Thoughts of Eternal Life produce physical immortality and body mastery. The body is Energy materialized by thought; not passive thinking, but active thinking; thought in motion. Your physical body and emotional body have been built up by millions of thoughts in action. To be a master, you now have to catch the thoughts and change them with the kind of actions that produce the results you like. We are all scientists and our body is the laboratory. Various nutrients have been created by thinking beings to produce certain effects in the body. Some of these cause and effect relationships are simple and some are quite complex. And simple fasting is the direct route to the purity of Infinite Energy. However, it is also possible to starve to death for spiritual purposes. We have to learn balance and common sense. More people die from overeating today than from starvation.

Repentance is fun! Changing our minds is the great, eternal adventure of all intelligent divine beings.
Playing in your Spirit Energy, your Divine Mind, and your Infinitely Beautiful Body is what Eternal Life is all about.
Have fun!' 

The Yoga of Physical Immortality

Your Physical Body does not have to die. There are many Immortal People 300 yrs to 30,000,000 yrs old on this planet now. Many People are realizing their original true nature and potential of Physical Immortality. You can maintain a youthful physical body on earth while traveling and exploring manifold realms and planes simultaneously. Death is not inevitable. Your are alive now, therefore your life urge is stronger than your death urge. As long you keep stengthening your Life urge and canceling the death urge, you will go on living in eternal health and youthfulness. Physical Immortality is not only possible, it can be a great service and divine play.


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