20 February 2013

The Living Planet (BBC)

The Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth is a BBC nature documentary series written and presented by David Attenborough, first transmitted in the UK from 19 January 1984. The sequel to his pioneering Life on Earth, it is a study of the ways in which living organisms, including humans, adapt to their surroundings. Each of the twelve 55-minute episodes featured a different environment. 

Episode 1: The Building of the Earth

Episode 2: The Frozen World

Episode 3: The Northern Forests

Episode 4: Jungle

Episode 5: Seas of Grass

Episode 6: The Baking Deserts

Episode 7: The Sky Above

Episode 8: Sweet Fresh Water

Episode 9: The Margins of the Land

Episode 10: Worlds Apart

Episode 11: The Open Ocean

Episode 12: New Worlds

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