1 July 2013

Zaytuna Farm Tour (Part 2)

Zaytuna Farm, home of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, is a demonstration site and education center in the village of The Channon in NSW Australia. The property is 66 acres/27 hectares of ex beef cattle/ex dairy farm land with a boundary on the Terrania Creek. It was first purchased in 2001 and has since been under constant development and evolution as a demonstration site of permaculture design and land use and operating as an education centre.

'Last year we took some time out to make a Zaytuna Farm Video Tour for you all. The positive comments, both on our site and on YouTube, along with additional questions, encouraged us to make another! This new video, shot 11-12 months after the original video, is twice as long and covers several aspects of the farm — some we hadn’t covered before, and some we had, but now with additional aspects and details. You’ll see Geoff talking about natural buildings, cattle laneways, and how to keep goats parasite free. Geoff will take you through the entire plant nursery process at Zaytuna Farm, from seeds and potting through to actually planting a tree. You’ll see food forests at various stages of development, a new purpose-built fish pond that will soon be in production, and much more.
Mixed throughout is footage that shows some of the diversity of plants and wildlife you can see at Zaytuna Farm — a permaculture paradise that’s far removed from the worn out old cattle property it used to be only ten years ago. This farm inspires me with what is possible with sensible permaculture design — i.e. when doing our best to cooperate with unchangeable natural laws. Beauty and diversity don’t have to be found only in ‘parks’, ‘reserves’ and wilderness areas — it can be found right where we live and work. I hope you’ll see that our gardens, streetscapes and farms can also all be full of life and beauty and can contribute to not only our own mental and physical health, but the health and well-being of the biosphere as a whole.' Geoff Lawton

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