17 June 2013

Michael Tellinger: Ubuntu

Michael Tellinger's presentation at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) conference in 2012. In this session, he describes free energy system from ancient civilisations, and finishes off with his model for a society based on contributionism, or UBUNTU.

Website: Ubuntu - Liberation Movement

Michael Tellinger presents the philosophy of UBUNTU Contributionism in Durban South Africa on the 3rd Nov 2012. A Blueprint For a New Social Stucture - What do we do when the global economy collapses? What do we do when the banks close down? We have to consider a brand new social structure - something that we have never tried as the human race. The UBUNTU Liberation Movement and Political party are active in South Africa and are supported by thousands of people around the world. Michael Tellinger is involved in several legal cases against the unlawful activity of the banks in South Africa - the UBUNTU Party is the platform to take this information to the people of the world. Join the UBUNTU Movement and support us with small donations if you can to keep us alive and effective.


  1. I've only done the top one, so far, but have already emailed Graham Hancock in the hope of getting all this included in whatever the update of Fingerprints of the Gods is going to be called (Magic of the Gods I think he said), and am splattering Michael / Ubuntu / Us all over Facebook...


    ...and LinkedIn where I have previously had most traction / connections...


    Globally, I believe the common denominator profiles that most could-would use to comment on blog-community pages like these will be Facebook (as "consumers") and LinkedIn (200million+ as "business people"), so if whoever runs this site feels that would be a possible / worthwhile experiment, I'd be interested to see if it pans out.

    Otherwise and anyway, 6.999.999billion cheers (The One Percent might not be so keen) for Michael and his Contributors, I've signed to follow Ubuntu main site and (transitional) fund-raising / education sharing New ERA (Economic Rights Alliance - and 10 out of 10 for "brand-name-creativity there).

    And I'm now inspired to try and get the British Isles transitioned back to something approaching Great, rather than the squalid North Korean-style mess that our (current) Dear Leader Kim Jong Ill-Cameron and his fellow conspirators across the ages have gotten us into.

  2. Spotting Indigo Pixie as the poster (hi), I'm also reassured that you're probably one of these?...

    Understanding the 'Sensitives' from Indigo Oneness channel (8 mins)..

    With a (sad) personal note that it has taken me 56 years (in this incarnation) to begin to sense my inner child again.