24 January 2013

Government For Dummies

This video explains easily how our world governments are running the show, and how we the people are victimizing ourselves, with the lack of confidence, self-esteem, trust, courage, willpower and determination.
Start to take responsibility, become mature, take action in a peaceful, loving, respectful and understanding way with each-other.
We need to get rid of these power-hungry few, and replace them with candidates that are truthful and represent the people. People who want to make a change for our global community. Together. With no ego-based, greedy system, but a system that works for all of mankind !! And, you count, you are powerful, for making change is vital.
Begin in your local community, talk to the cashier, the floweriest, neighbor, friends, family, at the bus-stop, waiting lines.. anywhere, interact with each-other.. spread the awareness.. but in a peaceful way.. make people conscious about whats going on, and what you can do. Form an idea together. Take action and get involved.

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