23 June 2012

Robert Menard: Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deception

Robert-Arthur: Menard gives a seminar on the illusion of the person, what words in law mean, consent, acceptance, honor & dishonour, bills of exchange, and more! Highly relavent information about just how the powers that be govern over us, and what we can do about.

- Meet Your Strawman
- Freeman On The Land
- Hijacking Humanity
- World Citizens

ThinkFree and DivergentFilms brings you the limited edition version of The Magnificent Deception, Rob Menard’s newest video on the concepts of Freedom, Law, and Commerce, and how they relate to Persons, Humans, and Freesouls-On-Land. Learn about the Notice of Understanding and Intent, and also the Claim of Right process. This is the preview version of the Sequel to Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception.

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